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Arizona Tamil Sangam

Sri Murugan Patham Memorial Scholarship



In honoring the memory of Sri Murugan Patham for his numerous contributions to Arizona Tamil Sangam, and remembering his services to local communities and many Tamil communities around the world, Arizona Tamil Sangam would like to establish a Scholarship Program to recognize the accomplishments of Tamil students aspiring to pursue higher studies.


Scholarships for 2023:


The funding for these scholarships comes from various sources:  Satya Murugan and her family, Arizona Tamil Sangam, AZTS Tamil School, and the various fundraising activities organized by the Tamil Sangam.   The amount and number of scholarships will vary depending on the amount of money raised each year.

For 2023, AZTS is happy to announce the following scholarships:

  • $1000 Scholarship for a Tamil Student in Arizona

  • $500 Scholarship for a Tamil Student in Arizona

  • Judges may decide any consolation prize if needed (and the amount will be decided later)


Eligibility for the scholarships:


Eligibility for scholarship applications in Arizona, United States:

  • At least 2 years of attendance in Arizona Tamil Sangam Tamil School

  • Must be a Junior or Senior in a High School located in the state of Arizona.

  • A candidate can apply only once for the scholarship (either in the junior year or senior year of high school).

  • Must complete and submit the scholarship application form on their own.

  • Might need to attend interviews to demonstrate reading, writing, and speaking skills in Tamil.

Administration and Selection Committee

The Administration and Selection Committee will be comprised of current or past AZTS board members, current or past Tamil School Directors, and others nominated by the AZTS Board of members each year.  The committee will follow an established process approved by the AZTS Board of Directors to communicate to the public about the scholarship, solicit candidates and pick the winners for the scholarships. 


Timelines for 2023:


  • Oct 10, 2023 (Tuesday) : Make public announcements about scholarships in Arizona.

  • Oct 29, 2023 (Sunday) : Deadline for submitting applications.

  • Nov 05, 2023 (Sunday) : Interviews and selection process (Date and Time will be sent to the applicants)

  • TBD: Scholarship Award announcement and distribution

Rules and Guidelines for the scholarships:

  • The scholarship award is only for the first year of college attendance.

  • Past winners cannot apply again in the future.

  • Must meet the qualifications identified earlier in this document.

  • The selection committee cannot consist of any parent of a scholarship application during that year.

  • Award money will be issued in the form of a check- in the student’s name.

Selection Criteria used by the Committee:

The selection committee will use the following weighted criteria to select the winners of the scholarships in the United States:








For the duration, 2 points will be given for every year of Tamil school attendance.

Scholarship Submission:

To download a copy of the application, please use the following link

Please email completed applications to

DO NOT FORGET: The deadline for submitting applications is Oct 29th, 2023, 10 PM MST

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