Arizona Tamil Schools

Arizona Tamil school is run by a passionate team of volunteers, who are part of Arizona Tamil Sangam (non-profit).

Our school's goal is to :

  • Enable children to speak fluently in Tamil 

  • Help children to read and write well in Tamil

  • Ensure that our Tamil language and Tamil culture is passed on to next generation

  • Educate on Tamil culture along with the language

Arizona Tamil School (அரிசோனா தமிழ் பள்ளி) is now conducted at two locations (Chandler and North Phoenix).

AZ Tamil School – South


Conley Elementary School 
500 S. Arrowhead Dr.,
Chandler,AZ 85224

Saturday's 3:00 – 4:30 pm (3.30 - 4.30 for Mazhalai 1)

For details or volunteering opportunities please contact:
Sashi Rekha SK

(732) 688 -8155

Mohanraj Palanisamy
(480) 205-3456

AZ Tamil School – North

Norterra Canyon School

2200 W Maya way,

Phoenix, AZ 85085

Saturday's 2:00 – 3:30 pm

For details or volunteering opportunities please contact:
Sandhyalakshmi Suryanarayan
(806) 445-1402.